Big yarn, litlle price; it's easy to justify a giant project with Alize Superlana Maxi! Available in a wonderful selection of nature-inspired colors, Superlana Maxi is a superb combination of acrylic and wool, making this yarn both incredibly warm and easy to care for - perfect for all your fall-winter knits! Choosing the right yarn is a great solution - let Superlana Maxi make it a little easier for you. BRAND NAME: Alize YARN NAME: Superlana Maxi YARN WEIGHT: Chunky SKEIN WEIGHT: 100gr / 3,52 oz LENGHT: 100mt / 109 yards NEEDLE SIZE: 6,5-8 mm BLEND: 25% Wool 75% Acrylic


Product Description


1 Cream2 Saffron21 Grey Melange26 Brown28 Rose36 Terra
55 White56 Red57 Bordeaux58 Navy60 Black62 Light Cream
87 Coal Grey111 Plum141 Royal Blue152 Beige Melange149 Fuchsia161 Powder
178 Dark Pink182 Medium Grey Melange203 Denim Melange204 Dark Rose207 Light Milky Brown208 Light Grey Melange
209 Purple212 Petrol225 Orange240 Milky Brown241 Forest Green310 Honey
390 Cherry455 Green Garnet456 Redbrown463 Mint466 Dark Beige480 Light Blue
484 Turquoise488 Yellow502 Caramel Cream505 Dusty Lilac522 Mint523 Crystal Pink
541 Mink599 Ivory620 Olive652 Fog800 Jaspe Anthracite801 Jaspe Grey
803 Jaspe Milky Brown805 Jaspe Navy806 Jspe Blue851 Periwinkle